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Netscape Mail

Start Netscape (w/o dialing in), go to Options, and then Mail and News Preferences.
Click the Servers tab on the Preferences screen (shown below), and fill in the top 3 areas:
  1. The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server should be mail.jvlnet.com (all in lower case).
  2. The Incoming Mail (POP3) Server should be mail.jvlnet.com (all in lower case).
  3. The POP3 User Name is your JVLNET username (if this is for a 2nd or 3rd email account, it's the email name).

Next click the Identity tab and enter the following:

  1. Your Name is the name you want to appear next to the email.
  2. Your Email should be your username@jvlnet.com (all in lower case).
  3. The Reply-to Address is the address you want replies to go to (usually the same as your email address, username@jvlnet.com).
  4. Your Organization and Signature File can be anything you want.

Click OK.


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