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Detailed instructions for getting on line. JVLNET Quick Settings. Detailed set up instructions and configurations for a variety of email programs and news readers. General info on the Internet and the World Wide Web, hardware and software requirements, browser types, and more.
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Tips & Tricks to make your Internet experience both a enjoyable and interesting one. Set up instructions to upload your JVLNET webpages, use FTP, add counters, and other web site options. Information about JVLNET Web Site Design services, marketing and other services offered by JVLNET.


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Frequently Asked Questions.   Answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding our services. Modem Testing & access speed, Searching, CGI scripts, counters, glossary of internet terms, registering a domain, manufactures, and more. JVLNET software that is compatible with your operating system.

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